Eugene Beck Jr. President of Beck Tire International, has been a leader in the tire industry for over 50 years. His career started as a young boy spending his summer months patching tubes at his father's filling station and flat fixing company. A company that evolved into used tires, vulcanizing and subsequently recapping.

Beck graduated in 1956 from the University of Akron, College of Business Administration and took on a leadership role in his father's business, becoming incorporated in 1966. He began to buy government scrap tires in earnest and accumulated a large stock of discarded aircraft tires with the hope for a future emerging market on a grand scale.

He subsequently developed a 30,000 plus inventory of F-16 tires into a sale to John Deere for their rotary mowers. These tire/wheel assemblies were offered as an option on their new equipment. The durability and superior performance soon made them the tire of choice. The other aircraft tire sizes he accumulated were sold for farm wagons, tractor front tires, grain carts, cranes, skid-steer loaders, large rubber tire loaders and many other specialized applications.

In the 1970's he expanded the business into Texas, Florida and the Netherlands. The joint venture in the Netherlands allowed him to purchase NATO Forces surplus and export used tires to European nations. He formed a new company, Cost Plus Tires, to sell new tires and later sold that business in 1993 to Community Wholesale Tire of St. Louis, Missouri. In the early 1980's Beck purchased two more businesses, Florida Tire Terminal and Texas Tire Terminal, which are still operating under those names today. In 1990 he formed a tire recycling company, Tire Energy Corporation which was later sold in 2002 to Alternative Fuel Service in Odessa, Missouri.

Having had numerous contracts with the US government, in 2007 Beck was awarded the contract from Michelin and Lockheed Martin to spearhead the US Government's ATPI program (Aircraft Tire Privatization Initiative) for used aircraft tire disposal.

Mr. Beck has received numerous awards throughout his career including the 2000 Pioneer Award for Recycling from the International Tire and Rubber Association and was inducted into the Missouri Tire Dealers Hall of Fame in 2004.

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